History of Air Flight

God, we are so small and so huge on this Earth!...

Eternal Little Thumbs who dream of stars, travels and conquests while recharging our batteries in the vertical simplicity of a forest. Giants who dare to free ourselves from gravitation to go and see if we are there, while feeling dizzy in front of the perfect construction of a simple palm tree...

It is by juxtaposing the immensity of the Cosmos with the quiet beauty of nature that Catherine Gran created this collection of wallpapers for Edmond Petit.

History of Air Flight

When we get lost in this life, let's have the reflex to raise our heads. Immediately fabulous winged beasts land around us. Their protective nonchalance means everything will be fine. The proof is that planes with bellies gilded by the sun come to crisscross the sky. With the three History of Air Flight panels, the journey has only just begun.

Seen from the Earth

With Seen from the Earth, we commune with the friendly lemurs of the jungle while stardust collects on our eyelashes. Why look for extra-terrestrials on distant planets when the mystery of creation is before us?

The Great Flight

Let the wind from the fans overwhelm you with butterflies!... They come to us, tame, spreading their wings in a silent ballet, inviting along the way a few dragonflies and... a friendly and improbable mosquito on wheels. Nothing is more airy than a wall, ultimately.

Maison & Objet 2019