Tribute to Madeleine

Rue Jacob

When we walk in Paris, the buildings smile at us. Especially when we are on rue Jacob, the backbone of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Let's breathe the air of the confidential decoration shops, smell the scents of the cafes, and finally look up at the majestic and light architecture of the Parisian facades!

It was on rue Jacob that Madeleine Castaing ran her wonder store. A few lucky people, including Catherine Gran, remember holding their breath when pushing the door. We came away moved, full of memories and ideas, as if we had placed our feet on a flying carpet. It was while thinking of this creative whirlwind, so Parisian and so universal, that Catherine Gran created this panel for Edmond Petit – Rue Jacob. We can appreciate it refined and noble, or festive, popular and dancing, dressed in blue-white-red.


To pay homage to Madeleine Castaing's floral stripes, Catherine Gran imagined these anemones and poppies mounted as a green wall, a symbol of French joie de vivre. The trellis, whose lace can be found in the corners of the streets and gardens of Paris and as far away as Versailles, serves as a support for delicate living flowers.

The Wall of Memories

What remains of our adventures as the years pass?

A fan, symbol of celebration and spectacle. Of our summer evenings too, when we had to hide our insolent glances and evade those of others.

The lightness of the feathers, picked up here and there as we walk. Playing cards, witnesses of our passions, so pleasant and sometimes dangerous. Coral, this talisman at the crossroads of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, which gave us the strength to resist storms.

And the projects. Those that we have achieved, and of which we are proud. Those who did not succeed, sometimes only just, but who built us and made us progress. Those we dreamed of, and which illuminate us from the inside. Sketches, silhouettes, embraces.

It was while reliving the aesthetic adventures of Madeleine Castaing that Catherine Gran created this wallpaper for Edmond Petit – Le Mur des souvenirs. A contemplative and slightly nostalgic journey into the universe and the know-how of a magician.

Leaf lace

Which plant to choose to bring to the fore the creative abundance and harmony of Madeleine Castaing?... The Monstera, of course! A symbol of longevity for the Chinese, this spectacular aerial beauty grows by constructing openings inside its own leaves as if to better tame space and impress our imagination. A jungle made of vigor and passion, where mystery is never far away.

Maison & Objet 2019