Feu d'artifice


The Lady with the Unicorn, from the tapestry at Cluny, was right to surround herself with an avalanche of animals, rare plants and peculiar hares which add rhythm to space and create a sense of bustling nature! ... I created a collection of wallpapers for Edmond Petit in the same spirit as this merry and refined lady.

Fireworks reinvent the cornucopia by taking on the form of vegetables. A mysterious explosion has brought out the best of what nature has to offer: a cascade of vitality and humor that takes possession of the walls. It is impossible not to be carried away! Through an astute illumination of colors, some orange carrots, a bit of green moss on peas, without forgetting the imperial yellow of the peeled lemons, the wallpaper testifies to a perpetually reinvigorated enchantment.


Then, with The Garden, we tame the porcupine, this friendly rodent that has, so far, rarely been seen crawling along a wall, let alone in a jungle of fruit. The porcupine is the symbol of the untouchable, the inaccessible, and it’s no surprise that it was Louis XII's favorite symbol. Protective by nature, the elegant porcupine finds respect and nonchalance in its spectators.

These two wallpapers are completed by two panels, The Hares and The Marmot, where these animals, the wise workers that they are, inspect the ground beneath them, full of hidden carrots and other treasures: this gave way to the opportunity to create a mysterious double bottom. These animals understand that the real adventure is beneath the surface. Calm and posed, they engulf us in a world of serenity, fertility and fullness.

Maison & Objet 2019