Jardin Marin

The sea is a magic kaleidoscope. A bustling array of life in its most delicate and unique form is always in motion amid the ocean’s mysterious yet comforting embrace. Its decorative power is immense, and its serenity infectious. It is in the spirit of this playful and subtle world that Catherine Gran has created a new collection of wallpaper for Edmond Petit. 

With seashells and crustaceans, the immensity of the ocean comes to life in this piece. Every seashell and pearl is an elegant gem worthy of luxurious upholstery. Here, crabs, which are symbols of immortality (for their successive metamorphoses), are languorous travelers, embodying their motto with composure and suavity, which was characteristic of the Renaissance: Festina lente (make haste slowly). A few land crabs have come to pay them a visit.

The Jardin Marin’s walls have undergone an invasion of algae, forming a strange atmosphere of weightlessness in which fish and seahorses float—the steeds of Neptune. Colors change at different depths and seem to structure the void, modifying the perspectives in a game of light and renewal.

These two wallpapers are completed by a panel, Nautilus, where a bed of water lilies is split open to let us dive into the intoxication of the depths. A bathysphere, a nod to Jules Verne and all the explorers of the imagination, has come down to flirt with transparent jellyfish and fireflies. Farewell, dragonflies and flowers! Once the forest of aquatic plants is traversed, the sea opens itself up to luminescent fish and the exhilarating, blue abyss.

Maison & Objet 2019