Lustre honor


Comparable to a parade after a victory, to a witticism that illuminates an evening, or an elegant wink of fate, it embodies the joy of living and conquering, the happiness of sharing its success ... without ever taking life too seriously.

A silver bronze body is dressed with 70 porcelain pendants. Each bears a medal drawn in meticulous black line, forming a luxury of surprising details.

The improbable Order of the Scallop (with chains and an anchor) rubs shoulders with the legendary Virtuti militari, the highest Polish distinction. A rooster, placed in the center of the Legion of Honor, faces the Cross of Malta and the Order of St. Stanislaus (with the crown and mustache)! We feast to the Order of the Four Pineapples, we savor the weightlessness of the Grand Cross, in the style of the First Empire.

The chandelier, a great unifying force, with its laurel-covered torso, is the result of a collaboration between the bronze artist Tisserant Art & Style and the artist Catherine Gran. Together, they created something truly out of the ordinary for the Moscow exhibition event, “L’Art de vivre à la française” (“The Art of Living the French Way”).

Imbued with mystery and magic. Honor joyfully unites the masculinity of medals to the femininity of porcelain. The light, softened by porcelain, is washed. The strange glow of the material, its fragility, the grace of the lines ... The perfection of the bronze crafted by Tisserant Art & Style coupled with the sophisticated precision of Catherine Gran is simply irresistible. This piece celebrates nobility of spirit, detachment, lyricism and courage in the tradition of pure chivalric heraldry. The chandelier decorates, literally and figuratively, an exceptional place, and makes those who are there dream about victories to come.

Maison & Objet 2019