The Column


In short, a column is a vertical thing with a base, a capital and other parts. The base is very important for snails. It also happens that plants grow there. That's why it's good to place the base at the bottom of the column (hence its name). The capital is placed on top, because it is atop the capital that one puts a vase. In theory.

But not everything is that simple, because the column can also be presented horizontally—on a table, for instance. And even it’s vertical on a wall, there is an endless amount of options when it comes to the distance and alignment of the panels. Especially since the capital is an independent element that can very well thrive on its own—for example, on a desk. And this is even more so the case for the vase. So the definition of the column has really lost all meaning.

What’s left is the contrast between the white porcelain and the black lines, drawn with the utmost intensity and vibrance. There you have it. A column is a series of large porcelain panels that can always change form.

Maison & Objet 2019